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On holiday and quenching for a bottle of Bucky? At home but want to find out where the cheapest place is to buy Bucky near you? The missus has you away for the weekend with the in-laws but want to sneak off for a tipple of tonic? Well we’ve got the answer for you.

We’ve developed the Find Me Bucky app. An app that uses your current location and tells you where the nearest Bucky retailers are and how much they are selling it for. You can also search by location so that if you’re planning a trip away you’ll be able to locate Bucky with ease.

The locations can be updated by you the user. If you find a new location that we have not included on the map then you can submit a new entry. If you find that the price has went up or down you can change that. All new entries will be verified by our team with the retailer themselves so the more details the better.

This app along with the data will be updated on a continuous basis, so that one day will we eventually have all Buckfast retailer locations plotted on the map.

Buckateers who misuse this feature will have their access to add new entries blocked. We don’t want people walking out into the middle of nowhere on the hunt for a bottle of the finest.

To download the app please click on either of the links below

GPS locations and details are provided by Google. These cannot always be 100% accurate so if you do notice any errors within the app please feel free to contact us at


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