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11 Of The Most WTF Things To Ever Happen With Buckfast Wine

Buckfast might not be the finest wine on earth… but in this part of the world, and among students in particular, it has a huge cult following.

We’ve seen some weird and wonderful ways that people have paid homage to the fortified wine and we thought we’d round up some of the very best.

Say what you want about the merits of the drink itself, there is some serious creativity and effort here.


  1. That time a best man toasted hundreds of wedding guests with a Buckfast song
  2. When Buckfast Christmas hampers went on sale
  3. The Scottish butchers who sell Buckfast filled sausage rolls
  4. English people try it for the first time with hilarious consequences
  5. The absolutely incredible Buckfast Christmas tree
  6. The time they dredged the Corrib River in Galway and found thousands of bottles…
  7. The best Easter egg ever invented
  8. The bar that invented a Buckfast mojito
  9. The Irish nightclub selling vats of Buckfast
  10. A super slick collectors item… the Buckfast wallet
  11. The perfect Buckfast hangover cure… Buckfast smoked bacon


There’s no denying that our nation loves the Bucky


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